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Protect Yourself from a "Negligent Referral" Lawsuit

If you are shopping for a home inspector for your buyer, please remember that shopping ONLY by price may not be in your buyers or your best interest. I understand that saving money is important and lots of buyers don't have a lot of cash (they can also pay with a CC on my website), but there are A LOT of shady people out there and they are not looking out for your or your clients best interest. I am. Don't get sucked into a lawsuit for negligent referral.

I've got your butt covered :-)


1. I only report the conditions of the home which SIGNIFICANTLY affect the value, safety, habitability and desirability of the home. I don't litter the report with needless information and disclaimers. 

Thorough....YES.      Nitpicky....NO.
Information that doesn't pertain to the home I am inspecting....NO.

2. Given my background and current status as a contractor, I know what I'm looking at and how to accurately describe it. I've had hundreds, if not thousands of hours of specialized training and possess 3 ICC certifications. I only know of one other home inspector in the Greater Sacramento area who has taken and passed ICC certification examinations.

3. I have E&O Insurance which covers referring agents/brokers. GL too.

4. I have excellent communication skills and common sense. I can easily explain issues to clients, along with simple solutions to most concerns. An inspectors confidence reduces buyer apprehensions.

5. I am an impartial, 3rd party purveyor of information. I don't get involved in your transaction.

6. I am prompt, dress neatly, don't smoke or drive a damaged vehicle. Reports are e-mailed in .pdf form the same day. Over 2140 inspections since 2004 and I have never cancelled or no-showed. No clients have ever called to tell me I 'missed something!'

It never hurts to call or e-mail and ask for a quote. I won't lay a long sales pitch on you or hound you continuously. I am confident that after you have referred me once and witnessed the interaction with your client, you will be pleased with my demeanor and abilities. 

Satisfied clients mean more referrals for you!


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