Realtors who are choosing the Home Inspector for their buyers may be doing a great disservice to the their home buying clients, as well as themselves. Have you ever seen the "Preferred Provider" lists that some Real Estate offices hand out to their clients? Ever wondered how those names got on the list? Are you verifying the credentials of the home inspector your Realtor chose? You better!

There are a few ways a home inspector gets on these lists, the first of which is the least common.

1. The agent/broker have done their due diligence and determined that the home inspector is a seasoned professional and behaves ethically. They have determined that the inspector has insurance and provides a quality inspection and report. They are smart enough to know that the most thorough inspection that money can buy, reduces their liability and provides the best inspection for their clients. The brokerage probably didn't require this inspector to pay to be on the list.

2. The home inspector is known to that office as providing a less than thorough inspection and report, so as not to scare the home buyer away and help close the deal. The home inspector may have also paid to be on the preferred provider list, an ethics violation for an ASHI inspector. This inspector's inspection fees are usually the lowest because they don't go onto the roof, only view the attic and crawl spaces from the access openings and prepare a report littered with disclaimers as to why they didn't inspect these areas.

3. The brokerage took the money from anyone with a heartbeat and now they're on the list. Some brokerages say they conduct screenings of these inspectors, but I happen to know that this is not true. I am on several preferred provider lists(No....I didn't pay!) and no one ever asked me about my experience, education or training. All the more reason to acquire a resume from any inspector you are planning on choosing.


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